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What lines are included in the Rustique Collection, and what options are available for customization of existing furniture designs?

Milieu Furnishings’ Rustique Collection contains eight signature lines to offer great versatility for residential, commercial or hospitality settings. The collection draws from a range of traditional and contemporary influences for broad application and appeal (see image at left, browse gallery images or download the product line sheet [below the image).

The pieces in the Rustique Collection may be used as the starting point for creating your own customized product with similar styling elements, or you may draw from the breadth of our furniture design experience to explore entirely new and different furniture products.

What is your company warranty for manufactured furniture products?

Milieu furnishings are built to last and withstand daily use for intended indoor or outdoor applications. Products are guaranteed with a 2-year warranty against any manufacturer’s defects:

Coverage is subject to normal use under normal conditions • Damage resulting from improper handling after is received or from exposure to weather or abuse is not covered • The warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages • If defects are observed by the customer / client, prompt notification is required with details regarding the defect. A manufacturer representative will be sent to assess the nature of the defect and determine remedy • The repair or replacement of defective goods constitutes entire obligation • Expressed or implied, including any warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

How much time is required to fulfill an order?

We manufacture domestically or offshore to meet customer requirements for small, medium or large quantity orders. Furniture orders are preceded by a preliminary design and cost estimating process that includes furniture design, prototyping and final production drawings. Once production drawings are approved and payment terms are initiated, the following process and lead times apply.

Smaller Orders (1 to 10 Pieces)

• Domestic manufacturing, for up to 10 products. These products may be the

same piece, or different pieces with any variety of finishes.

• Standard production time is 8 to 10 weeks

• Shipping and delivery requires an additional 3 to 10 days depending on the

delivery location.

Medium Quantity Orders (Over 10 pieces)

Offshore manufacturing of product shipped in a less than full container load (LCL), or shipped in a 20 ft container (lead time is same as Large Quantity Orders below):

Large Quantity Orders

Defined as product that fills a 40 ft container with a minimum order of at least 30 pieces total. Products may be a mix of furnishings (minimum of 10 count per unique product type), or exclusive production of a single item.

10 to 12 weeks is required for production, and 2 to 3 weeks for shipping and delivery (about 3 months total). The full process for design, value engineering, prototyping, production and freight is outlined below:

1. Product Design and Value Engineering: 3 to 4 weeks

2. Prototyping: 2 to 3 weeks*

3. Final cost quotation (including) freight & delivery estimates: 1 to 2 weeks

4. Product Manufacturing: 10 to 12 weeks

5. Freight and delivery: 2 to 3 weeks

Total design and manufacturing process: 18 to 24 weeks (4 to 6 months)

* Prototyping may require additional time for samples to be shipped for client for approval.

How is the cost of freight determined?

Freight costs will vary based on the quantity of furniture ordered, the location of our manufacturing facility, the mode of transportation (truck, ship, rail), and the time of delivery required by the client.

How can LEED Credits be earned through furnishing orders?

Milieu Furnishings offers three options for earning credit that could be applied towards LEED project certification:

1. Orders delivered within a 500 mile radius of Zip Code 84321 - Logan, UT. Metropolitan regions within this delivery range include Las Vegas NV, Boise, ID, Missoula MT, and Denver CO.

2. Our standard wood supplies are from sustainable plantation-grown wood sources (see Green Practices) - a practice that promotes responsible management of lumber resources and preservation of forest habitats. LEED credit can be earned by using lumber sources certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which are only available in some geographic areas. FSC approved lumber can be requested for a production cost increase of 15%.

3. LEED credit can also be earned through use of reclaimed lumber from sources such as recycled telephone posts, old buildings and trestles. Our wood sourcing experts track recycled lumber sources to provide customers with multiple lumber options for unique applications.

What standard woods are used for furniture manufacture, and what wood hardness is required for durable and dent-resistant furniture?

Generally speaking, furniture is more durable and less prone to wear when harder woods are used. Hard woods can handle more intensive use applications such as dining tables and seating, kitchen cabinets and vanities. The hardest woods are typically used as flooring where the most extensive wear takes place. Softer-wood furnishings are most appropriate for lower traffic areas and less intensive use applications such as decorative accents in common areas or quiet sitting areas. Some softer woods lend themselves to a distressed or aged surface texture that can absorb some minor nicks and scratches without any apparent visual impact.

On the Janka hardness scale, the following softer woods range from 500 to 700, and provide sufficient durability for less-intensive furniture applications:

Wood - Hardness

Poplar - 540

Alder - 590

Douglas Fir - 60

Harder woods that are more resistant to wear and denting range from 1,000 to 2,000. Standard hardwoods used by Milieu Furnishings include plantation-grown Mindi, and Teak which grow quickly for sustainable yields. These woods are adaptable to a wide variety of texture, stain and paint finishes, and posess a high density and durability that compares in hardness to Black Walnut. Other hardwoods may be ordered per customer specifications – which may require a 15% increase in product cost and add 2 to 3 weeks to production time.

Black Walnut - 1,010

Mindi - 1,055

Teak - 1,155

Red Oak - 1,260

White Oak - 1,360

Hard Maple - 1,450

Bamboo - 1,800

What are your Payment Terms to start and complete a production order?

50% deposit due to start production, 40% due prior to shipping and remaining 10% due upon arrival.

What minimum quantities must be ordered to obtain notable price reduction in unit costs?

Milieu Furnishings offers great flexibility in accommodating small, medium and large quantity orders. Our domestic manufacturing is ideal for custom single items or small quantity orders of up to 20 pieces. Larger quantity orders are built in a larger – higher capacity manufacturing facility, shipped by container to the nearest seaport, then by rail to the nearest transfer yard. The container is then brought to the customer’s designated receiving location by truck trailer.

How much furniture product fits inside of a container?

Container options include a 40 ft Container (40 ft x 12 ft x 8 ft) and 20 ft containers (20 ft x 12 ft x 8 ft). Our mixed container program provides the flexibility to order multiple products within one container, with a minimum quantity order of 10 pieces per unique product type required.

For example, a 40 ft. containter will hold 84 hall trees (37" x 84"). Alternatively, product order could include 14 hall trees (at 37" x 84"), 14 hall trees (at 65" x 90"), 14 round dining tables (52" D), 14 oval ottomans (60" x 27"), 14 round coffee tables (42" D) and 14 round end tables (36" D) - all of which would fit in the 40 ft container. 

What are your standard finishes?

The products in our gallery show a variety of standard stain and paint finishes, as well as wood textures and distressing options. We can also apply various finishes to metal to create a shiny or matte surface, or weathered patina. You may pick from any of the finish options shown in our website, send us a sample to match, or describe the desired effect and we will send you samples by ground shipping or airmail to develop the perfect look for your new furniture products (shipping or airmail charges may apply).

What type of Quality Control Assurance processes are in place?

Regular inspections are routine to the manufacturing process, including a bi-weekly, randomized Quality Control check. A computerized program generates a randomized bar code sample list of eight goods to check, including four pieces from storage and four pieces from production. These goods are then checked by ALL department heads – including prototyping, design & engineering, materials sourcing, fabrication, finishing and packaging / shipping. The results are then discussed in a department head meeting for seamless coordination from beginning to end of the manufacturing process. Less than 1% of products are rejected or do not pass inspection, given that each piece is checked at least twice, and possibly more through the random checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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