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Integrated Design & Production

Design - Send us a napkin sketch, a verbal description, or your own drawings, and our experienced design team will refine the concept with industry knowledge, 3D modeling tools and production drawings. We will guide you through a value engineering process to determine the right materials and fabrication methods to meet your budget and lead time constraints.

Our design team works in close communication with manufacturing managers to assist you in perfecting your product and carrying forward the vision with care and precision through the manufacturing and freight logistics process. We work with wood, iron, granite, marble, leather or any specialized upholstry materials to create the new products envisioned for your project.

Once the design is approved, our expert craftsmen build a prototype that is photographed or shipped for final approval and any final adjustments. This is where details can be finalized, including joinery options, wood grain orientation, texture, color and stain finishes and other unique touches. Our designers are directly involved in this critical final step prior to production on the floor.

Production - Quality Control is built into every step of the prototyping and manufacturing process - including carefully monitoring the quality of lumber, cutting, joinery, finishing and packaging for freight delivery. Wood manufacturing begins with a thorough kiln drying process to reduce moisture levels from raw lumber. The drying process is tracked with a computer bar-coding system to assure that humidity levels meet specification for even the driest of climates with severe temperature and humidity fluxuations. During the production process, One in twenty products are randomly pulled from production for complete inspection by floor managers and the product engineers.

This process results in high-quality, customized furnishings created uniquely for you and your customers. We take pride in our work, and back every product with a two year warrenty for workmanship and materials.

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