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Healthy Forests and Quality Furniture

To encourage responsible and sustainable use of our planet’s forests, Milieu Design manufactures furnishings with renewable wood resources grown in well-managed forest plantations. All woods are traceable through a 2D barcode system which allows buyers to trace wood certificates to verified timber sources. Timber sales support individual and village-owned plantations and their employees, and generate surcharges that help to support forest replanting and conservation programs. We also believe that high-quality design and uncompromising committment to durable fabrication helps to maximize the usable life span of each furniture piece.

Mindi Wood: The fast-growing Mindi tree is versatile for solid wood and veneer construction, and can be treated with a wide range of finishes, including matte, gloss, aged, weathered and distressed. Similar in appearance to American Oak and in hardness to Black Walnut, Mindi is a sustainable hardwood that can be applied to create durable furniture with unparalleled beauty.

Teak: This dense tropical hardwood is popular for indoor and outdoor furniture, or flooring applications. Like the mindi tree, plantation-grown teak is harvested responsibly, and is also adaptable to a wide range of color and finish options.

Recycled Lumber: Wood from ship yards, railroad lines and old structures is also available for the fabrication of all case goods. The distinctive aged color of this wood provides a natural color pallet of weathered finishes. Certified Plywood and MDF is available for veneer and laminate construction to meet California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards. FSC import lumber and specialty wood species are available upon request.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing:

Milieu Design wood furniture is manufactured using Akzo Nobel and White Nippon glues which are environmentally safe for fabrication, and approved for consumer contact with all furniture, including baby furniture.

USA-made Furniture: We support projects seeking LEED certification by introducing recycled material(s) and FSC – certified wood, including Alder and Poplar for domestic manufacturing.  LEED credit also applies to intermountain projects within a 500-mile radius from our Utah-based production facility (includes Denver, Boise, Las Vegas & Missoula). Domestic manufacturing reduces lead time and fulfills lower quantity orders (see FAQ).

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